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Everyone knows how important planning is. From as complex as strategizing how to defeat an enemy kingdom in a war, to as simple as planning for your next holiday outing, it cannot be denied that plans are integral to success. This is even more factual if you apply it to entrepreneurship because in a way businesses are little kingdoms that are actively or passively fighting against each other for the money of clients. Competing brands battle it out through product formulas and advertising. One brand of detergent will say it can totally clean your soiled clothes even if you just soak it in it, while its competitor will say it can do that and make your clothes softer because of the fabric softening agent they’ve incorporated in their detergent formula. In that scenario, the latter is the winner, but the battle is not yet finished. The loser in that round is sure to fire back with a better detergent formula or maybe with a more popular advertiser for their product. Behind all that, meticulous planning is done. And if you have an online business, no matter how small it is, you should do the same. You should have an online business plan.

Your online business plan will be what anchors you to your intended purposes for your business. In it will be indicated your mission and vision, how you plan to achieve those through people and finances. It cannot be a two-page essay. It should be as detailed as possible as it will be what you will show people with whom you can have professional relationships, such as investors, vendors, lenders, and banks. Here are some other tips when drawing up your business plan:

You should have a sound business concept in order to not make the common mistake of not selecting the right business from the start. You’re dealing with precious capital here, and you don’t want to experience the pain of seeing all that money you’ve saved up go down the drain because you simply thought this online business was cool, not considering your capabilities and your passion for it.

Understand your market by test-marketing the service or product you plan to offer the people. It is only common sense to do that. If you’re selling T-shirts, try marketing some of those to people close to you first and let them spread the word about it also to see who among their social circles like your product.

You should consider the industry your business will be a part of. It must be healthy, growing, and stable, and this is important especially if you’re a beginner in being an entrepreneur. Refrain from trying to make a huge drop of water in dry soil when you can join in other small clouds drizzling on it.

Look for capable people you can work with, and know your capabilities yourself. You will be a key ingredient in the online business plan you draw up. Assess your résumé and those of the people you will be involving. Look for people you can admire, who are smarter than you, more hardworking than you. This will be a great encouragement in the future when you get burned out or lose track of your original goals. Also, consider your and their financial handling skills. This is obviously very important as business is primarily about the circulation of money, from it being capital to it being profit. Draw up a good business plan and you’ve already done almost half the job of starting your very own online business.

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Internet Marketing – A Business Plan For Making Money Online

How to Create Your Own Business Plan: 3 Simple Processes

There are 3 easy plans you should create!

Personal Plan – write down a few personal goals you would like to achieve over the next year. This can include travel, products you would like to own, a class you might want to take, or goals related to health and fitness. This is not about your internet marketing business directly but it is important to know what you would like to accomplish personally through the success of your business. It lets you know what you are striving for each day.

Business Owner or Entrepreneurial Plan – as an internet marketer you will need to learn many new online marketing skills. Write some of these down that you want to tackle over the next 3 months, 6 months and 12 months time. These may include such things as leaning keyword research, email marketing tactics, article marketing techniques, blogging, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and other methods of reaching online business success.

Cash Flow or Business Plan – knowing what money you have available is a critical aspect in determining how quickly you will succeed online. Knowing how much you would expect to make over the first 3 months, 6 months, and 12 month periods is also critical because it sets goals to achieve and these goals will help keep you focused.

You can start a home based business online for very little up front cash outlay but knowing where your expenses are going will keep you on top of your day to day operation. Keep in mind that your plans can and will change continually. What you put in your plan today will be different tomorrow simply because of the knowledge you achieve along the way.

Where to Begin?

Take few days to brainstorm about your online business. Write down all of your available cash flow, as well as all of the thoughts and ideas that go through your mind. Separate these into the 3 plans and you are ready to get going with your online business.

Now separate each into an order of importance and make a note of which items can be outsourced to someone else. For example, you can hire someone to write your articles or set up your blog. Mark each item on your list according to the most important things to accomplish first.

Do Not worry about how good your initial plans are. They will change many time over before you reach your final goals.

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How To Get The True Home Business Opportunity Online Shopping With My Power Mall

It is an amazing concept that you can have your own home business opportunity online shopping mall up and running in just minutes. Within this mall, there are thousands of products that you will find. This includes large name brands and retail stores to small stores that are specific in nature. But how do you benefit from this?

My Power Mall is a win-win situation for everyone that joins. Right off the bat you will find that it is free to join and have your very own ready-made shopping outlet; you are already starting with a positive. Once you join, you can instantly access and begin shopping through your own mall.

As mentioned, there is a wide variety of stores and products to shop for. The next way you will benefit from this home business opportunity is by receiving numerous discounts. You can save money by buying online and then receiving a discount ranging from 2%-10% typically.

While this is nice, it still requires you to purchase items to benefit. Where this opportunity really benefits you is by you signing up others. By getting family members and friends to join, you will begin to earn a part of their rebate for whatever purchases they make. You can earn a portion of rebates up to nine levels deep from people you get to join.

Now you are probably thinking in your head that this is an MLM or pyramid type of scheme. This is solely a new online shopping rebate system that you can earn money through others’ purchases as well as earn rebates through your own purchases. You are never asked to pay for anything such as a start-up fee or a monthly membership. And none of your sales go to people higher than you in the program. You receive a portion of the rebate from all people you sign up.

It may seem far-fetched to think that you could truly make money off of a program like My Power Mall. However, you have to think of it as a way to save money on purchases you would have already made anyway. As I write this, the company is expanding and beginning to include more and more products. And soon, there will be a way to shop for groceries online and save money. Therefore, this is a program that everyone can use in some way or another.

Because of this fact alone, it is worth the FREE membership to join. Even if you decide not to promote it, you can still use it to save money. But there is great money to be made if you promote My Power Mall appropriately.

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How to Create a Viable Internet Business Plan

The Internet is a hard place to start a business. In fact, it’s said that between 85 and 95% of all businesses fail in the first 3 months of starting on the Internet, not unlike offline businesses. The difference is that most people online don’t know that they need to pour just as much time and effort, and be just as careful in creating a good business plan online as they would offline.

The days when you could throw a few words together and links to Amazon and then make a $1,000 a week are gone. You need to do work. You need a plan that shows how you will make money and they how you will streamline the process to work effectively with your products. To do that, you had better put together a good business plan – one that will showcase what you need, what you expect of your business, and how you will go about putting it together.

The Right Business Plan

While a business plan on the Internet is going to be different than one offline in many ways, the ideas are all the same. You should think of the small things – how you will reach your customers, how you will produce income, how you will manage income, how you will delegate responsibilities and find the time to complete each task. A good business plan needs the following details:

o Your Brand
o Your Product
o Your Website
o Traffic Generation Methods
o The Sales Funnel
o Management Tools
o How You’ll Utilize Your Time

Simply thinking “I’ll start a website and sell books off Amazon” is not going to cut it these days. You need to know what kind of books you’ll sell, what kind of website you’ll build (blog, review site, forum, etc…) and how you will get traffic to that site.

Not Getting Overwhelmed

The key here is not to get overwhelmed. If you start writing your business plan one day and it doesn’t make sense, stick to one small part of it. Then take a day off and look at it again the next day. If it takes three weeks of coming back to your business plan piece by piece, do it. Many new online entrepreneurs try to rush it, but the truth is that you need to do things in their own time. If you rush it, you’ll only leave gaps and holes in your understanding and business methods. That’s when mistakes will happen.

If you ‘re serious about starting your online business and need help producing the right kind of Internet business plan, contact Anthony Chatfield today at As a profession copywriter and content developer for Internet businesses, Anthony can provide extensive consulting services for Internet business owners new and old.

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